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How to Get Google Play Gift Card Activated in Few Minutes?

As you purchase the gift card from physical stores or order the same online, it is mandatory to get the same activated without any delay so as to make purchases through online stores. Same applies when you buy Google Play gift card from nearby Walmart store or through an online shopping portal like Amazon or eBay. This gift card has to be activated in quick time before purchasing any paid App, Games, movies or ebooks from Google Play store

In most of the cases, gift card gets activated upon the first purchase made at the nearby local store or through the online shopping portal. But, that’s not the case with Google Play gift card as it has to be activated manually and can be used for making purchases only through Playstore.

Things to Remember While Activating the Google Play Gift Card

Here are the certain things that need to be considered while activating the Google Play Gift card

  • The gift card has been purchased from an authentic store or online shopping websites like Walmart or Amazon.
  • The Google Play Gift card delivered at your shipping address is in proper state with the card number and access code printed clearly.
  • Do check if the customer care number on the gift card is valid so that it can be used when the help is needed on an urgent basis.

Also make sure, you’re talking to an authentic person regarding the activation of Google Play gift card.

How to Activate Google Play Gift Card Purchased Online?

The steps to activate the Google Play Gift card are completely different as per the mode of its purchase. The gift card purchased online has to be activated by following the certain steps.

Step 1: As you have ordered the gift card from the online shopping portal, wait patiently until it gets delivered to your shipping address through the mail.

Step 2: Once you receive the shipment, find your gift card inside the packet and check if the same has been sent to you with the correct denomination. You’ll find the sticker on the same with a message “Activate this card”. Go through the instructions mentioned on the back of your card that can help you activate Google Play gift card immediately.

Step 3: Now, scratch the dark area as seen on the plastic card to make the gift card number visible.

Step 4: Turn the flip of the Google Play gift card and dial the toll-free phone number displayed on its backside to get the same activated in few seconds.

Step 5: In case, there are some technical issues in the phone lines or the same being busy keeping in you call queue, then don’t waste time and redeem Google Play gift card amount to update Playstore wallet balance.

Step 6. As this Google Play gift card could have only been used to purchase the apps, books, games, movies, and music as well as online subscriptions, redeeming the card amount in the Play store account, does not require any further efforts to activate Google Play Gift card from your end.

How to Activate Google Play Gift Card Purchased from Nearby Shopping Arcade?

As if you’ve purchased Google Play gift card offline from the nearby shopping arcade or an authentic store then there are certain steps you should follow to activate the same for making purchases from Playstore

Step 1:Visit any shopping mart located nearby selling Google Play gift card.

Step 2: Talk to the authorized person dealing with this task and request him to activate the card online.

Step 3: As the person confirms your authenticity to the teller, it takes a few seconds to get your Google Play gift card activated.

Step 4: Finally, collect the unique ID as well as authorization code generated upon activation of Google play gift card that helps you redeem the amount in Playstore account or transfer the same in the bank account.

Play-Services Help You with Hassle Free Gift Card Activation

Have you ever thought of the option that can help in getting the Google Play Gift Card activated by following a simple process altogether

Yes, there’s a way out for you. Play-Services, being an online portal; has a short procedure that can help you activate Google Play gift card in the shortest time span.

Step 1:Sign-up with and enter the login credentials quickly.

Step 2:Click the Google Play Gift card image and then press the ‘Check Balance’ button.

Step 3:Enter 16/20 digit Google Play gift card number in the online form.

Step 4:Provide the amount in required section as printed on your gift card.

Step 5:Now, enter the state and phone details to validate your identity.

Step 6:Press ‘check balance’ button to verify the amount printed on the gift card.

Step 7:Your Google Play gift card also gets activated simultaneously.

Even though Google gift card was purchased online or from nearby shopping mart, Play-Services helps you activate the same within a few minutes.

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