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Attach Your Google Play Gift Card with Bank Account.

Are you actually thinking to link the Google Play Gift card with the bank account? Well, it’s actually not possible. Presuming if you’re looking ahead to transfer the gift card balance in a bank account, Google Pay is one such authentic option that can help you perform this action at ease.

Once you redeem Google Play gift card in the Playstore wallet, Google Pay online wallet works as a medium to transfer the gift card balance in the bank account. But it is essential to follow the steps prescribed by Google itself to get the task done with ease.

Step 1: Redeem Your Gift Card in Google PlayStore Wallet

This step is quite vital as you need to redeem Google Play gift card in the play store wallet for online purchases. Once the gift card gets redeemed successfully by following the essential steps, you’ll find the updated account balance as the specific amount in the gift card gets redeemed successfully.

You can also check the Google Play store account balance history to make sure that the gift card amount has been redeemed successfully. Once the Google Play store account gets updated proceed to the next step for transferring its balance to the bank account.

Step 2: Transfer Google Playstore Balance to Bank Account Applying Few Feasible Steps

Accessing Google Pay App installed in the Android or iOS device can actually help you transfer Playstore balance to the bank account just by applying the few feasible steps. Here’s the process to do so.

  • Tap on Google Pay app reflecting on Android/iOS smartphone device
  • Make sure, you’re already logged into Google account
  • If yes, then navigate to the top of the dashboard and tap on ‘Balance’
  • Once done, you will find the amount in Google online wallet balance same as the Playstore balance
  • Tap ‘cashout’ option and choose the payment method with which Google Pay wallet balance can be transferred easily.
  • Once done, tap ‘cashout’ finally to start the Google account balance transfer.
  • The Google wallet balance will get transferred within the next 3-5 business days.

Look for Other Options to Attach Gift Card with Bank Account

In case, you’re not able to implement these above-mentioned steps for transferring Playstore account balance to Bank account via Google Pay due to concurrent issues creeping one after the other, then leave this aside. No one is forcing you to adopt these steps for attaching Google Play Gift card with the bank account for the swift balance transfer.

There are several other options in the form of third-party websites that can help you accomplish this task. But you have to pay certain fees for the some. In other words, we can say that these online portals will deduct their fees automatically and transfer the net amount in your bank account in quick time upon linking the Google Play gift card with the bank account.

Play-Services Quite Contrary to Other Portals.

Yes, that’s true. Play-Services is one such self-governing online portal that can help you a great deal in attaching the Google play gift card with the bank account, free of cost. Still, it’s necessary to check the gift card balance online to transfer the amount in your bank account.

Play-Services all such features that can make things happen at your convenience within a single portal. Once you know the balance, get your Google Play gift card attached with the bank account at ease and transfer the card balance in the latter without paying a single penny in the form of fees or charge.

As if you’re not able to get it done due to lack of knowledge, get connected with certified experts through toll free phone lines or email. They are committed to offer you best assistance 24/7 and offer quality help when it comes to attaching Google play gift card with bank account and transfer the card balance in a feasible way.

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