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Feasible Methods and Steps to Redeem Your Google Play Gift Card

Now you can easily redeem Google Play gift card at ease just by adding its balance in the Google playstore without much efforts. There is no need for any technical knowledge as the few easy steps can help you redeem Gift card balance in the online wallet

As if someone has gifted you a Google play card online in respect to any special occasion and the gift code has been sent to you on email, the foremost action that is supposed to be taken is to check the balance embedded in the gift code. For that, you need to redeem Google Play Gift card and update the Playstore account balance.

Effective Ways to Redeem Google Play Gift Card Online

Google play gift card once redeemed in Playstore account can help users purchase necessary apps, books, games for which payment has to be made. In this digital world where everything is getting cashless, only the shopping account wallet is being used to make online purchases successful.

But for that, successful redemption of Google Play gift card also plays a pivotal role. Here are certain effective ways that can help in redemption of gift card ordered online or purchased from offline physical stores located nearby.

  • Redeem Gift Card Using Android Device
  • Redeem Gift Card Using Desktop/Laptop
  • Redeem Gift Card using Third Party Apps

Method 1: Using Android Device to Redeem Google Play Gift Card

  • Open Google Play App on Android device by tapping the icon
  • Make sure, you’re already logged into Google account
  • Once the dashboard is displayed, tap menu icon to enlist options
  • Navigate to redeem option and tap the same.
  • Upon doing this, a rectangular pop up box appear on the device screen
  • Enter the Google Play gift card number or coupon code received in email
  • Tap ‘Redeem’ button to add the gift card amount in the Playstore wallet.

Method 2: Redeem Your Google Play Gift Card with Desktop/Laptop

  • Open a web browser on the desktop/laptop device and login into Google account.
  • Once signed-in successfully, open Google Playstore in the new tab.
  • Click on ‘Menu’ icon in the top left corner of the webpage.
  • Doing this, ‘Redeem’ appears in the list of the drop-down options.
  • Click it to open the rectangular pop-up box for entering the Google Play gift card/code details.
  • Finally, click the ‘Redeem’ button to update Google Playstore wallet by adding new amount in the same.

Note:These steps can easily help you know the gift card balance if the amount has been added to Google Playstore wallet for the first time. Just click ‘Account’ option and balance is seen reflecting on the new webpage

Method 3: Redeem Google Play Gift Card with Third-Party App

Google Play Gift Card redemption is also possible through third-party apps as these also help in adding the available gift card balance in the Playstore Wallet. Be prepared to pay the fees as they deduct the same while redeeming your gift card amount to the online wallet .

Play-Services is also one such third party website that offer help to users in redeeming the Google Play gift card balance to the Playstore wallet without deducting a single penny. No matter, you’ve purchased Google Play gift card online/offline or it was been gifted by someone special, just take assistance from our experts by giving a call at toll-free phone number or by describing the issues on email that occur while redemption of Google Play gift card.

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